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Brand Positioning, Market Research, Product Launch Marketing Strategies, In-Depth Digital Footprint Analysis


Merchandising, In Store/ Out Store Sampling Events, Experiential, Educational Clinics, Guerilla Marketing, Road Shows, & OOH Marketing


Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, eCommerce Marketing, Website Enhancements & Landing Pages, Search Engine Marketing & Influencer Marketing


We help marketing managers and business owners develop a winning strategy for their product or brand. 

The NeoSol team can help develop the entire marketing strategy or a portion of it to support your specific goals. 

Growing brands benefit from a clear understanding of the market and consumers. Our expertise of the Hispanic community and thorough understanding of each specific targeted demographic allows us to support your brand in it's the overall strategy to position it across the board to a variety of demographics.


We call Brand Activation what others call Omni Channel. The difference is our focus on the consumer and the market. We make the channel work for the brand not the other way around.


Our expertise in project management can be put to test while things become manageable in the day to day to Marketing Managers or business owners. We work with a variety of vendors and teams to execute campaigns unique projects.


Is not about what are you selling it is about what your consumer is looking for. It is not the same thing as selling dresses for prom to helping young ladies enjoy a very memorable night by looking their best.


What is your main competitor doing? Knowing pricing and offerings is key to developing a good marketing plan.


Hand in hand with the value proposition and brand strategy is the communication strategy. What’s the best way to communicate with your audience? Through yokes? Professional and technical jargon? Easy and approachable? That’s just the style, then the next step is finding out what kind of information does your consumer need to make a purchase?, how do we encapsulate all of this to make sense and make it attractive?  


Before google maps we used the Thomas guide or a map from the gas station, remember? We really couldn’t go to new places without a clear outline of directions on how to get there and we wouldn’t dare going without it. Well, now we don’t need any of that for finding new places, but we still need a road map to achieve marketing goals. If you’re spending money in marketing without a clear written map, expect to get somewhere else. 


When you see two red concentric circles, you immediately think Target, but with that you know you’ll find items at a certain price and of a certain style. Well, you might be looking for something nicer or something more generic with a lower price point. Communicating all of that in a logo, slogan or with any communication pice is based on Brand Strategy and it takes time and consistency to build. 


Translating is NOT transcreating. Transcreation takes in consideration cultural nuances, slang and the common use of certain words to communicate a products’ benefit or advantage. If your native language is English, you know “crispy” and “crunchy” are two different things, but there’s not a direct translation of those words in Spanish, there is one word for both words. That seems crazy right? Well, that’s where we analyze and dive into the culture and the message. How do we explain “Crispy” as a benefit that is different from “Crunchy”?


Marketing in the Real World has evolved and will continue to change and adapt as consumer behaviors change. What worked 50 years ago doesn’t work now and what worked 5 years ago doesn’t work either. Being in touch with the consumer and the purchase process is key to a successful campaign. 

Now a days, combining digital with field activations in a cohesive way is key to attracting and retaining consumers.


From temporary exhibition price audits to a permanent team of merchandisers we support the growth of your product in the retail space.


In-store promotions, guerrilla sampling, and the best brand ambassadors out there!

Activating a brand in the field or in retail is supported by more than 15 years of experience.


Massive events directed towards trade or consumers need their own set of materials and tactics.

We focus on the execution while you focus on closing clients.


Each brand has different goals and needs and digital service offerings are limited only by your imagination.

At NeoSol, we take the goals of your specific brand in mind to determine which digital services will provide the best outcome or ROI to meet the goals of your brand. Are you looking to build awareness among potential consumers, build loyalty with existing consumers, drive sales, or all of the above?

We look at your goals and your target demographics to determine the right handcrafted solution from our digital marketing toolbox including, but not limited to  content marketing, social media marketing, PPC ads and e-mail marketing and do all this with the foundation of a strong strategy created specifically for your brand.


Pillars, Audience, Communication


Set up of platforms, organic posts, paid ads, campaign management, community management


Blogs, Newsletters, E-mail Campaigns, Website, Ads


NeoSol is a brand activation marketing agency with full service bilingual capabilities. We partner with brands for both new and existing product campaigns. We specialize in targeting the Hispanic and multicultural consumer and we’re experts in campaigns for products and services, both large and small


NeoSol Marketing
A woman-owned small business for over 15 years.