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Move away from stereotypes and go deeper into the knowledge of this demographic to set a strong foundation for your brand activation strategies. Let us show you how!

Download the free Hispanic Customer Persona Worksheets with information that we use at NeoSol as a starting point for handcrafting brand activations for one key customer in the Hispanic market: the young adult Latina. Learn how is done and use this template as a model for your own ideal Buyer Personas.

I want the FREE Hispanic Buyer Persona Form

Do you design your marketing strategies based on your own beliefs about Hispanics?

Ideas such as “family”, “Spanish”, “immigrants”, “isolated”, “low level of education”, or “Mexicans” are among the traits that are most frequently associated with this demographic group.

Would your concept of the Hispanic consumer that you are trying to reach include many of above ideas?

Stereotypes are a risk for engaging with Hispanics


When you still think of this community through old conceptions created in the 1960s, you are missing the current reality of the Hispanics en the U.S. As time has changed, so did the wide range of personas that make up this diverse group. 


When you build an entire brand activation strategy around outdated and stereotypical concepts, you risk creating a negative connection with your audience. And this will defenitely lead to a campaign with little to no results.

This, in short, means that you are missing the chance to sell to the largest minority in the U.S. which happens to have a spending power of over $1.9 trillion.


You must show interest and understanding in the Hispanic people you want to buy your product if you want them to reciprocate.

Do you treat the same the California, Texas and Florida markets when selling your products? Most likely there are three different managers managing their own budgets as they see fit- Local marketing and tropicalization are common tools to ensure the connection with consumers in each market.

When it comes to Hispanics, you must have a similar mindset. You have to be aware of the uniqueness of the Argentinean, Mexican, and Salvadorean consumers. And, when reaching for locations, it is important to regard the different Hispanic composition of, for example, California, Texas, and Florida.

In Neosol we know how the Hispanic market

We create One-of-a-kind Experiences that connect with specific segments within the Hispanic market because we know where and when they LIVE, PLAY, SHOP.

 We understand and think like your consumer, and we want you to be able to do the same.


For 16 years, NeoSol has gained a strong expertise in cross channel community engagement creating handcrafted marketing solutions targeting the Hispanic market for US and foreign brands.


Understanding the language is not enough. Being Hispanic is not enough. It takes a combination of deep knowledge of the countries, previous work with them, and experience with the uniqueness of the US Hispanic culture to connect.

Our secret: to stay away from stereotypes and bring to the table our first-hand knowledge and permanent research of what really matters and moves this community. We stay true to never to assume and keep learning about this ever-changing group that today represents 30 percent the US population.

Guided by this accurate appreciation of the characteristics of different buyer personas within the Hispanic market, we tailor the perfect experience to ensure that our customer’s brands are at the forefront of their minds.


Neosol - 99.5% Execution rate with 100% satisfaccion

99.5% Execution Rate with 100% satisfaction

Not only we get the job done, we get it done right!

Neosol - Since 2005

A journey that began in 2005

17 years experience with Hispanic retailers in the US

Neosol - 99% Retention Rate

90% Retention Rate

Most of our clients come to stay

Neosol - 50+ New Product Introduction

+50 New Product Introduction

Targeted to Guatemalans, Salvadorean, Colombian and Mexican communities

Neosol - Reaching the Hispanic market

Reached Hispanic Consumer

Executed campaigns with different national groups within the market

Neosol - Activations in +25 major cities in the US

Targeting Hispanics across the US

Campaing activation in +25 major cities. with high Hispanic presence


Good for you! This means that you want to know the real Hispanic Persona. This is a step that will bring you closer to brand activations that sell.

We want to help you to conquer the Hispanic market

We are sharing with you many of the key features that NeoSol market research team collected for our own brand activation process in 2022. We want you to use them to guide and enrich your own work of building the identity of your buyer within the Hispanic market.

We gathered these features in the Buyer Persona, which is the difference between shooting fish in a barrel and fishing with net in the ocean. Why? In this new world where purchase journey can be seamless between digital and traditional channels, understanding and correctly communicating with the consumer at every touch point with the brand, is very important. When you define your own Buyer Persona, you will closely know the features of the fish you are bringing to your barrel. In other words, you will be ready to design brand activations that connect with the target market within the Hispanics and every strategy will be a block to build a long-term unique relationship that grow sells.


Download the free Hispanic Buyer Persona Worksheet where you will gain in-depth insight on one of the untapped Buyer Personas in the Hispanic Market, the young adult Latina. She's the future of the Hispanic family and the mother of the future Hispanic children. Cultivating a relationship with this segment could be key in maintaining and growing this demographic. Besides, you will learn how we do it and have the knowledge for doing it yourself

for your future brand activations with different segments of this wide market.

I want the FREE Hispanic Buyer Persona Form

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